presented by the rosenberg fund for children

Art & Activism August 26

6PM Millside Park, Easthampton

This remarkable evening will take you on a multimedia journey that incorporates music, spoken word, video, and visual art. The event is both a conversation about social justice and a tribute in memoriam to Art Steele, a man who spent his life empowering performers locally, nationally, and abroad. Our intergenerational lineup features artists who have dedicated their careers to creating social change and speaking out against injustice. We invite you to take a few minutes to explore the work of Sweet Honey In The Rock, Climbing Poetree, The Love Experiment, and Sophia Dawson.

A Tribute to Art Steele

On January 12, 2017, Art Steele passed away.  He had been Sweet Honey’s sound engineer since 1978 and was dearly beloved by all of the members of the group from the early days up until the present. For nearly four decades, Art was the unseen voice of Sweet Honey. Perched silently in the back of the venue, he worked tirelessly to ensure that their message of hope and unity resonated in the hearts of audiences all over the globe.

Here in the Valley, many knew Art as a impassioned preacher and lifetime student of the blues. To others, he was a craftsman and inventor, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of sound design. To all, Art was a loyal friend, an attentive listener, a teacher of great wisdom.

For us – the producers of this festival – Art was a dear friend and colleague for over 30 years; a guiding light and mentor in the art and science of sound reinforcement. Millpond.Live is the culmination of his legacy: the sound system, staging, and lighting were all designed and built by Art Steele; many of the artists who appear on the stage are deeply connected to him.  Art spent a lifetime amplifying the important messages integral to their work.

In Love and Memoriam,

Kyle, Emlyn, Cassandra, et al

Meet The Artists

We hope to pique your curiosity and invite you to discover the eclectic mix of sites, sounds, tastes, and experiences that we have curated for you in this installment of Millpond.Live.

Sophia Dawson Artist In Residence

Sophia’s current project, To Be Free, interweaves portraits of US held political prisoners from the Black Liberation Movement with letters written to and from family members.  With the generous support of the Rosenberg Fund for Children, Sophia will be joining us for a week long residency during which time she will be continuing her exploration of this subject and creating a site-specific installation for Millpond.Live.

Join us on Thursday, August 24th for an interactive workshop that will include video and other information about U.S. political prisoners, and give participants an opportunity to interact with correspondence related to several of these incarcerated individuals as part of Dawson’s ongoing body of work around this issue.