Mauskovic Dance Band

How a drummer in psychedelic rock bands discovered punk-funk and learned to love the groove


Mauskovic Dance Band

The band's forthcoming self-titled debut album is a gloriously percussive and out-there blend of ESG-style heavy bass, echo-laden multi-lingual vocals, meandering 70s Moog solos, Afro-fired guitar licks and sweaty South American rhythms. It's a hugely vibrant set that came out of sporadic recording sessions in the store room of Amsterdam club Garage Noord, which doubles as Mauskovic's studio.
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Amsterdam’s Mauskovic Dance Band are a musical family in the widest sense: not only are four of the five band members related, but like any family they are always on the move. They have been carrying out their experiments in hazy rhythms and dubby percussive workouts since 2017. In the early days, the boys fused their love of Afro-Caribbean poly rhythms with a no-wave sound palette to create their own unique danceable chaos. 

Band founder Nicola Mauskovic is a seasoned drummer who finds himself constantly in demand – as part of Turkish psychedelic outfit Altin Gün, on a recent tour with the revival of Zambian legends W.I.T.C.H. (who comes to The Drake in Amherst on October 9th)  and on a worldwide tour with psych-pop artist Jacco Gardner, with whom he then went on to form the dance-oriented duo Bruxas.

Armed with an arsenal of hypnotic grooves and airtight arrangements, they cemented their reputation as a live act to fire up dance floors, and took their instruments on the road everywhere from Russia to Mexico, with plenty of European festivals in between. 

For their next chapter, the group dove further into their vast array of echos and spring reverbs, and fine-tuned their sound system-inspired, post-punk aesthetic. As one fan noted in a YouTube comment:  “Coolest band on the planet.”  

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