Interactive Virtual Audience



A New Way to Gather

While we can’t come together in the theater, we’ve pioneered the next best thing. Purchase a ticket to join our interactive audience via Zoom - yeah, just like all those meetings, but this is a party where you get to “be seen” by the artists and “see” everyone else who is sharing the experience with you. No, really! We setup a video wall at the front of the stage so that the performers can literally look out at the audience and see hundreds of people listening, dancing, clapping, and enjoying the show.

Here's how it works:

Get A Ticket

Purchase a ticket and you’ll receive a Zoom registration email with a link to join the meeting. This link is just for you and can only be used on one device.

Get Dressed

You may not be actually going out your door, but you are going to be seen in public. So go ahead and put on that party shirt...and some pants.

Invite Your "Bubble"

It's Saturday night and you're having a party! Invite friends and family who are part of your “bubble” to join you.

Setup Your Theater

Can you connect your phone or laptop to a TV? Do you have a decent pair of speakers? Or perhaps you’re coming alone and have a favorite pair of earbuds. Do whatever you can to set up the most enjoyable viewing and listening experience in your home, and make sure to clear some room for dancing. We want to see you having fun!

Mix A Drink

Cook a delicious dinner, order out, or mix up your favorite party snacks and then make sure to prepare a beverage of your choice. It may be a cocktail, glass or wine, or a pitcher of ice water with cucumber to keep you cool. Whatever floats your boat.

Tune In

We have all kinds of special surprises in store for our Zoom audience, including extended dance parties, pre-parties, and conversations with the artists. Make sure to click the link and tune in at the right time

Smile, You're On Camera

Remember, you’re on camera. The artists can see you and so can the other audience members, just like a real concert. Be present, enjoy the moment, and dance if the impulse strikes you.

Learn Silent Applause

We can see you but we can’t hear you (you’ll be on mute), however, you can still show your appreciation by applauding American Sign Language (ASL) style. Hold your hands up, palms open, and rotate them side to side.


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