When we laugh or sing or weep or dance together, we are reminded that our shared humanity is greater than our perceived differences.

In this digital age, we believe that opportunities to interact with our neighbors in analog and on neutral ground help to foster a sense of community, cohesion and inclusiveness. Our festival was born out of a desire to bring people together, from all walks of life, to share a journey of wonder, discovery, and delight.

We are grateful to the generous individuals, businesses, and organizations who sponsor Millpond.Live, making world-class music and art accessible to everyone. Please visit our sponsorship page to learn more about how you can get involved.

Millpond.Live is produced by Laudable Productions, a creative agency based in Easthampton, MA that offers an array of services ranging from marketing and community engagement to concert sound, staging, and lighting.

Powered largely by volunteers, Millpond.Live is a labor of love, our contribution to the vibrant community where we live. We invite you to come and be part of the magic.

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Kyle Homstead, Cassandra Holden, Emlyn Homstead
Photo by Julian Parker-Burns